[third]Adul Kokapan Portrait [/third]

[two_thirds end=”true”]Hello I’m Adul Kokapan, I’m a young motion graphic designer, visual effect artist and typography lover. I live in Bangkok, Thailand and now I’m studying in a senior level at Rangsit University. underpk.com is my blog and also my portfolio, I build and design it myself from scratch (I got some computer knowledge and basic web design skill).
All works you see in the portfolio page are mine. When I’m not working, I love to find new thing that will inspire me or help me to improve my skill, surf the whole internet world, watch films, listen to Travis, Coldplay. If you’re interesting in hiring or employing me, you can take a look at my resum? (THA) or at linkedin. (ENG) To find out more about me just contact me or use all that social media stuff on the right side. :) [/two_thirds]


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